Important Notice: We have resumed Sunday worship services in person. Please RSVP to attend. Click here for Sunday Worship resources.

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Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Mission

SSBC YOUTH exists to make life-long disciples of the next generation
whose faith took root in their teen years.

It is our desire to reach the unchurched students in our community as well as the "church kids" who have been raised in the pews. We believe both groups need the same thing: the good news of of the grace and love we receive through Jesus Christ.

When you (or your student) come to youth group, they will have fun - but more importantly, they will find a group of teenagers who are being formed by biblical fellowship, worship, and the teaching of God's Word. In addition to our weekly Youth Group and Sunday School ministries, we offer a variety of events and retreats. Sign up for the Parents Newsletter to keep informed of all that's happening. 

First Sunday/Month: Youth Worship Night

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First Sunday of each month we will host a student worship night. This is not an alternative to worshipping with the Body of Christ on Sunday mornings, but is a time for students to join together in worship, prayer, and under the preaching of God’s Word. Our student worship team will be mentored by seasoned worship leaders as they lead us in worship. Guidelines for this service will mirror our guidelines for Sunday morning services. 

Sunday Nights (other than first/month): Student Growth Groups

Youth group will be a growth group driven ministry this year. Students will need to register ahead of time to be assigned a group (generally divided by gender and grade) which will meet in-person at SSBC on Sunday nights. Each growth group will also have a device connected to Zoom during their gathering to allow others to participate remotely. There are four main components to each SSBC YOUTH Growth Group

  1. Friendship: it is hard to pray with people you can’t laugh with and don’t enjoy being around. 
  2. Study: the group will watch a 5-10 minute video from Pastor Mike, introducing that week’s lesson. Our groups will be using a curriculum that walks them through the Gospel of John. 
  3. Pray: share life together and carrying one another’s burdens before the Lord. 
  4. Ministry: student-led initiatives to serve in our community. Empower students to seek opportunities for the group to do ministry together. 

Growth Group Procedures and Expectations

  • All students and leaders will wear a facemask during the meeting while practicing social distancing.
  • All students will need to register online to be placed into a growth group. Students who attend in-person will need a parental release form completed. 
  • Three separate entrances, depending on where your growth group is meeting: Children’s wing, main entrance, or youth room. 
  • Upon entrance, each student will sign in with a leader to keep an accurate account of who is in the building. 
  • Parents are asked to pick their student up at the appointed entrance, so students enter/leave the same door. 

Our Core Commitents 

The gospel is so much more than an evenglism tool - it shapes everything about life and everything about ministry. Our ministry has adopted the five pillars of gospel-centered ministry from The Rooted Ministry as our core commitments. Here's a quick overview. 

  1. Gospel Centered
    The cross and empty tomb are central to all of Scripture, why would they be absent from anything we do in ministry? Everything we do - from the way we play dodgeball and the way we handle conflicts between students to the missions trips we take - is all shaped by the grace of God through Jesus Christ. 
  2. Expository Preaching
    If the Bible really is the Word of God, then why would our students benefit more from anyone's advice more than they'd benefit from hearing God's Word? Everything we teach is anchored in Scripture, because God's Word is truth. 
  3. Relational Discipleship
    Our mission is to make life-long disciples who either met Christ or who grew in Christ during their teen years. That won't only happen through ministry that happens in programs, but through meaningful relationships the extend beyond the church walls. 
  4. Partnering with Parents
    Study after study continues to affirm what Scripture teaches: Parents are always the most influential people in a child/youth's life. Our youth leaders want to encourage parents in order to co-evangelize and co-disciple students in partnership with parents.  
  5. Intergenerational Ministry
    Secluding teenagers from the older generations might seem cooler or safer for students, but it robs them of the treasure that comes through seeing what the Christian life looks like at the different stages of life. Additionally, teenagers often add a fresh wind of vitality and optimism that other generations have lost. We want teenagers to be valued contributors in the entire church (not just in the youth ministry).