Important Notice: Due to COVID-19, most services and activities at SSBC are suspended until further notice. Click here for updates. Click here for the most recent Sunday Worship resources.

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Sunday Worship Guides

You can find our most recent video sermons on our YouTube channel

Why use the worship guides? Pastor Cody shares why here.

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Sunday, May 24



Children's Lesson (video)
Nursery Lesson

Music Songsheets for 5/24
Sermon 5/24

Sunday, May 17


Children's Lesson 5/17
Nursery Lesson 5/17

Music Song Sheets 5/17
Sermon 5/17

Sunday, May 10


Children's Lesson 5/10
Nursery Lesson 5/10

Music Song Sheets 5/10
Sermon 5/10

Sunday, May 3


Children's Lesson 5/3
Nursery Lesson 5/3

Music Songsheets 5/3
Sermon 5/3

Sunday, April 26

Worship Guide for 4/26
Worship Playlist for 4/26
Children's Lesson 4/26
Nursery Lesson 4/26

Music Song Sheets
Sermon Link 

Sunday, April 19

Worship Guide for 4/19
Worship Playlist for 4/19
Children's Lesson and Nursery Lesson 4/19

Music Song Sheets
Sermon Link

EASTER 2020 YT cover website

Easter Sunday, 4/12

Easter Sunday Worship Guide
Follow along with this worship guide to walk through our Easter service together. Use the YouTube playlist below to be ready for songs and the sermon when indicated in the guide. 

Easter Worship & Sermon Playlist on YouTube
Easter Sermon Video
Music Song Sheets
The Worship Guide includes a new Nursery Lesson
Children's Page for Holy Week which was included in last week's worship guide 

Maundy Thursday service 1

Maundy Thursday, 4/9

Maundy Thursday Worship Guide
Use this guide to help you worship at home. Click on the playlist below to have the songs and sermon ready at the appropriate time. The sermon will premiere on Sunday morning at 6 am, so you can start anytime after that!

Worship & Sermon Playlist on YouTube
Maundy Thursday Sermon Video 4/9

Music Sheets for M-Th Songs

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday 4/5/2020

Palm Sunday Worship Guide for 4/5
Sermon Video for 4/5
Worship Playlist for 4/5 on YouTube

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Sunday 3/29/2020

Worship Guide for 3/29
Sermon Video for 3/29

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Sunday 3/22/2020

Worship Guide for 3/22

Sermon Video for 3/22 
This video will be published at 6:00 AM Sunday morning on YouTube and Facebook
Use the Sunday Worship Guide for your own home church service. This document walks you through an entire SSBC worship service. While we can’t gather, we can experience a shared worship service by walking through this guide. There are some things that are new about it and some things that are very familiar.

Included in the document: a worship service to follow at home, a lesson for elementary age kids, a nursery lesson and craft, and music sheets for those who want them.

When you see a blue link in the Worship Guide, click on it for a song or the sermon. (Some people may get a security warning when the link is clicked. Don't be alarmed. You can press "allow" to open it.)

Offering - If you have a login to SSBC Connect, use this GIVE link to make an offering via bank transfer to avoid credit card fees. See other GIVING OPTIONS here.

Our Youth Pastor, Mike McGarry, is sending his own content to parents and has a Youth Group YouTube page. It has tons of great content and is not constrained to Sunday worship.

Sunday 3/15/2020

Click here for a copy of the email Pastor Cody sent with all the links needed for our first worship service at home. 

If there is a way we can pray for you or if you have a need we can help meet, please contact the church office at or call 781-749-2592 (Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm). You can also fill out this PrayerRequest/Needs form which will be seen by pastoral staff and distributed to the prayer team, deacons, etc... if you give permission.