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Youth Service Week

A beautiful thing is never perfect!

2021 Service Week

Come together and serve those in the general Hingham community. We are hosting this service week in partnership with our friends at WorkCamps NE at South Shore Baptist Church. We'll start each morning at SSBC, head out to our work sites for the day, then return to SSBC for dinner and a worship/message before ending our day with some games and free time. We don't yet know what our work projects will be, but they'll be light-construction for individuals or families in need in our community ranging from landscaping to painting to basic construction (drywall, replacing wooden decks, etc.). 

Basic Info:

  • Sunday July 18 through Friday July 23
  • Days will generally run from 8:00am-8:30pm. 
  • Cost is $300 per student, and $200 for adult leaders. Rather than paying the entire fee, we are asking for a $100 deposit from students and we will fundraise the remaining money. 
  • Registration is due by Sunday, March 28
  • Sample daily schedule (subject to change)
    • 8:00am - arrive at SSBC
    • 8:15am - personal devotions at SSBC
    • 9:00am-4:00pm - work sites
    • 4:00pm - pack up and return to SSBC
    • 5:00pm - Dinner
    • 6:00pm-7:30pm - Program and Youth Group devos 
    • 7:30pm-8:30pm - games/free time
    • 8:30pm - go home

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Who Can Participate:

  • Students currently in grades 6-12. 
  • Students who participate within the SSBC church family. 
  • Students who make a commitment to participate in the entire Service Week. We are making a commitment to these families to care for them and to serve them. If students only participate when convenient, we communicate something to these neighbors and we may not complete the project. In the same way students sign up for football camps and make it a priority over their work schedule and other commitments, we are asking students to make this their priority for the week. 



  • 3/24 - We have a few partner churches, bringing our anticipated registrations to around 40 students. That leaves only 10 spaces. 


 For Partner Churches

  • We're excited that you're interested in partnering with us to serve families in the South Shore! We have limited our capacity to only 50 students, please register your group and students to participate ASAP. 
  • Please provide one youth leader for every 5 students you will be registering. 
  • Please note the cost for SSBC students and leaders above is particular to SSBC. The actual cost per student is $400. SSBC is supplementing the cost through an allocated budget, we are not charging you more than we are paying per person.
  • The registration form linked above is particular to SSBC, but the schedule and other information will be shared by all who participate. 
  • Please contact Pastor Mike and Ken Therrien to register your church to partner with us during the week. We are prioritizing partner churches who are Protestant, theologically conservative churches since our youth leaders will all be ministering to each others' students. 
  • Please share the following flyer to share information with your church. 

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